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The project – The Alternative Job Board was already started in June 2021 in the German-speaking area, in knowledge that an indirect / direct vaccination force will be implemented on the part of so-called ruling structures.

With this project we do not only want to counteract the exclusion and defamation of employees, but we also want to promote free will and self-determination and help to save employers as well as employees from economic total loss.

In particular during the present existing, so-called Pandemie, it crystallizes ever more that an indirect vaccination force for employees is politically accompanied, so that these may still practice their job. Many companies support this force in ignorance of the possible short – or long-term negative consequences and their responsibility (liability) towards the employee.

Here liability bombs can arise, which most employers, but also many employees do not think about, because they often miss the necessary background information due to lack of time.

This promoted force not only violates free self-determination or the principle of equality, but also involves great dangers for a company, especially in connection with the mRNA “vaccine”. This vaccine only has emergency approval; long-term studies on any side effects and adverse health consequences are not yet known and can cause great economic damage to the company, especially in the event of the loss of employees in key positions that may not be able to be replaced immediately.

Experts now believe that vaccines are not only ineffective, but that mRNA “vaccines” can cause serious health damage to humans.

Alex talks with Dr. Byram Bridle, an Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph about new peer-reviewed studies 

There is even the assumption that the toxic spike protein can be transferred to unvaccinated persons. For a company, this could mean that entire employee structures break down; additional costs and financial and legal liability could arise here, which under certain circumstances would not be financially viable in the long term.

This is where we want to come in and on the one hand offer the responsible company and employer a possibility to give a job to unvaccinated employees and on the other hand, the conscious employee the possibility to find a vaccine-free job.

Meanwhile, many intelligent and freedom-loving people have recognized the health hazards posed by mRNA “vaccines” in particular and therefore do not get vaccinated. However, by doing so, they risk not getting a job, losing their existing job, or facing reprisals such as a transfer or permanent home office (if possible). On the other hand, there are already companies that have recognized the risks of mRNA “vaccines” and would therefore ideally like to hire unvaccinated people.

We want to support this circumstance with our project; therefore, we have developed this alternative platform: In this way, the two poles can find each other and achieve an unbeatable advantage together in the long run. Cost savings, minimization of liability risk, consistency, a positive working atmosphere and thus an increase in productivity and employee satisfaction play a major role here.

We are on the threshold of a worldwide change and here it is essential to make the necessary preparations and to take new paths into personal responsibility and rethinking. So we hope that many new jobs for responsible and freedom-loving people will be given or found here.

With freedom-loving greetings from the Team of – The Alternative Job Board.

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